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Peter C

Cakewalk ate my shortcuts - kind of

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A few of us have encountered the unexpected crash when too many shortcuts (key bindings) are assigned to 'do nothing'.  

Following a clean windows install I wanted all CbB's default shortcuts to be wiped and start in effect with a blank template. Why? Because I like to assign my own shortcuts instead of the defaults. I managed to achieve this - see attached file.

Having previously identified the codes for each keystroke, i.e. A, B, C,  SHIFT+A, B, C and so on, I was able to assign key binding 1067 (do nothing) to all keys. The only exceptions are the default actions such as scroll lock (pause), RTZ (W), record (R) and one or two others. 

Sanity warning: Do NOT use this file unless you want to wipe ALL your existing key bindings.  If you are sure, pop this file into your appdata/roaming/Cakewalk/Cakewalk Core folder. Then in CbB open Preferences, go to Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts and import. SECOND WARNING: This will wipe all your existing shortcuts. It may be a good idea to save them first!

It was Astraios who pointed me in that direction after his creation of CALs to achieve the same thing. This is a different way of achieving the same result. 

CbB Do Nothing.kbn

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