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Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update June 24, 2021

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Appears there is an update to Cubase 11, to 11.0.30 

Data in the controller lane for program change events is now displayed consistently with the info line (from 1-128).
MIDI notes are no longer missing in exported MIDI files when MIDI parts use Velocity on the info line to subtract 
Using MIDI step input no longer creates hanging notes with external MIDI instruments. SysEx data no longer interferes with MIDI recordings when received in pre-count phase (affects e.g. ROLI devices).
The on/off state of the Pre filter section is now stored in the Pre filter presets.
The link of a send panner to the channel panner now works correctly when send destinations have a different format.
Switching faders/inserts/sends in the MixConsole in the lower zone no longer leads to unexpected scrolling positions.
In macOS, the Direct Offline Processing user interface no longer turns red sporadically after a period of extensive 
When using Direct Offline Processing, Time Stretch on audio files with a sample rate other that 44.1 kHz no longer 
creates artefacts when auditioning.
It is now possible to trigger macros via key commands when the Process Bars dialog is open.
Using modifier keys no longer fails when editing in Windows 10 (e.g. Alt-drag for duplicate).
Acoustic feedback is now working correctly when clicking on a scale event.
Changes made in an ARA extension editor are now restored correctly when the operation is undone and then redone.
Switching between track versions no longer resets ARA extension settings.
Overwriting existing audio mixdown files no longer creates files with the wrong length in macOS.
When executing a job queue in Export Audio Mixdown, an incorrect error message about missing cycle markers is no 
longer displayed.
Note names in the Inspector for expression maps are now shown correctly.
Importing a track archive that references multiple audio files of the same name now works as expected.
Using the Project Logical Editor to enable/disable Track Operation: Inserts Bypass is now working for all track types,
 e.g. instrument tracks.
It is possible to add additional lines for Logical in the Filters area again.
The user interface of FabFilter plug-ins is now displayed correctly on screens with 21:9 ratio and 125% or 175% Windows scaling.

The project cursor no longer changes to a thin line in Windows 10.
Toggling Record Enable no longer interrupts the audio output when a project is playing under heavy CPU load.
A maximised Project window now remains maximised when working with sampler tracks in Windows 10.
Using Undo in the Score Editor no longer closes the editor window when Show Chord Track is activated and the chord 
track has Lock enabled.
Several window focus issues have been resolved when switching back and forth with other applications in Windows 10.
Several graphical issues in SuperVision have been resolved.
The Low-Cut parameter in the Delay Character section of the MultiTap Delay is now working correctly when a delay 
module is used for effects.

We have improved the stability in several areas of the application:
When selecting scale events in the In-Place Editor.
When importing tracks from a project with only channel settings selected.
When using the Chopper plug-in with a high ASIO buffer size.
When MIDI CC values above 127 are used.
When resizing the Key Commands dialog.
When using Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mode.

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Been using Cubase forever (Atari forever) and this was the first time the update caused me an issue. Cubase wouldn’t launch with a GUI resource error. I trashed the prefs and it still wouldn’t load. Trying to reinstall from download assistant didn’t work (because it looks like the silent install recognizes the install and just skips over doing anything). I used the manual install from the link and forced it to reinstall and all was well. Wanted to post in case anyone else ran into this. 

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1 hour ago, telecode 101 said:

so i guess this is the end of 10.5 updates? we have to move to 11 to get patches?

Hmm. Good point. 

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Posted (edited)

One of the characteristics of Cubase has been to make you upgrade to the next level just to get the bugs in the previous version fixed. And then of course introducing a bunch of new non-functionalities. Any one thinking hamster wheel?  

right now Cubase isn’t my favorite, but I do like the chord track options even though I read music proficiently.

My software purchases have been much more reasonable over the last year and a half.  But I have liked each of the version upgrades/updates with SpectraLayersPro. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too Steinberg-ized. 

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