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Chord progression and a melody

Wayne Severson

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Hey Wayne,

Absolutely killer video, brother!😀

Fantastic tasty playing and beautiful melodies, combined with dynamite guitar tone and articulation.  And, the video was cool and fun to watch.   I also agree with the little bit of dialog at the end. For me, "It's always a beautiful day to play guitar"!

Your video for "I Still Feel Twenty Five", that came after it, was also really excellent.  On top of being a great guitar player, you've got a spectacular voice for both Country and Rock.  LOL, I loved the chick's legs sticking out from under the SSL console!  Your "Locomotive Breath" cover was really well done too, lots of tasty musicianship and cool video effects!  Tons of cool videos on your channel, I'll definitely be checking out more.👍

Excellent stuff, Wayne, thanks or sharing.  Have a good one!

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34 minutes ago, daryl1968 said:

Hi Wayne - you look just like your brother ;)

This is really nice - well recorded, well performed and the video is great fun.

Daryl and Daryl?

Really liked this little tune.

Sundown and the Shadows sounds like a great name for a band.

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Thanks Lynn. I'm using Vegas Pro, version 14. There wasn't much to do in this one, the two layers with the top one masking half of its images with a little feathering to compensate for the light shift between the two takes. And the text...

My user name was  Sixfinger in the old forum, in case you remember me.

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