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Picked up Albion II Loegria yesterday...

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...and yeah, I really like it. Albion ONE is part of my essential collection of goto libraries, and I loved the Spitfire LABS. So after doing a lot of research into Loegria (mainly via Spitfire's demo videos and Daniel James' pretty detailed walkthru), I decided it was probably something I could use and was unable to resist the current 50% off pricing.

Really glad I got it. Some gorgeous patches, and overall a really nice addition to the palette. The 1/2 size ensemble patches are lovely, and the ensemble flautando patch is freakin' gorgeous to my ears. There are some Easter Island II patches that I will probably be using a lot, and the euphonium and sackbuts are great brass patches with a unique vibe to them.

Haven't had a chance to check out most of the Steam Band II patches, but the few I sampled were beautiful and haunting.

Can't see me using the recorders all that much -- they are doubled up and adventurously tuned, and I have a solid set of recorder samples already across various libraries.

Loegria will not replace any of my gotos, but since I use the Albion ONE strings a ton, the quieter Loegria strings -- which are recorded in the same space and using, I presume, many of the same players -- will fit in with them really well.

Loegria is not for everyone, since it is really specific in what it offers. If you don't need this sort of intimate, quiet and detailed set of samples, you'll wonder why the hell you bought it. But if you need to accessorize your existing libraries with some quiet patches that have an authentic soft vibe, its a great addition.

Figured I'd offer up my 5 cents worth. I find it tricky recommending libraries, since we are all really unique in what we need and like, and as always YMMV. But I'm really glad I got it, and figured I'd let folks know that Loegria is worth at least looking at before the deal ends (tomorrow evening, I believe)...




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