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Cy Koo Si (lyrics provided if you care)

Jesse Screed

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 i don't think you know

where you're supposed to go


Get up and move on

no roots settle you

get on down the road


and you will find yourself in another place

it's going to be so good

so you get on

you might find out

if you would you would

so get on down to another road

and you will see just what i know

going to take the time to get on out yourself

now let's go okay


i don't think you understand

that you're going to have to take a stand          get on know and go

because it's not where you belong right now




no mourning

you will


you will see tomorrow in the stars

you will see the future before you 

spread out across your table

get on now

and be on your way

dodo what you mommy say

send off

I bet the farm hey


(8 bars +/-  unintelligible)


 you must find a way

you must find a way to a better day

and it's just 

 right there

around the corner if you go

get up now and be on your way

and you will find your way





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I always listen! Even if I don't always post. On this one, you are really going for it in the vocals! You have some good range up there! Sounded good to me. I appreciate the lyrics - do you have them in mind when you start, or is it a hit record and free form kind of deal?


If you get a chance for a bit more spucing up, I think there's a tuning issue with guitars around 1:05 area.


This song seems to have a nice verse-chorus-verse-chorus and I dig structure so that's very cool, Jesse!  It's still original as your fingerprints.

nice job.




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Aaah!  Your creativity shines on this one Jesse.  The last song that I listened to that you posted gave me a quick flash of the Gang of 4.  This one gives me a quick flash of Bob Dylan (?).  I guess because of the vocal style and this is a wee bit more melodic than your others.  I always have to listen very closely or twice to catch all of the interesting sounds that you put in.  What did you use for that interesting background melodic sound coming  -- it became slightly more pronounce around 2:50?

Good stuff Jesse!


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