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Feature requests: Tempo, Templates, and Export

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Here are a few things I'd like to suggest, none of which are "make or break," but maybe some people would find helpful (?)

1. For people who use Cakewalk for things like podcasts (and I suppose audio for video as well, although I don't do that, so I might be talking out of my butt on that), one thing that is of no use is the tempo and the tempo grid. What would you think of having the option to disable that when creating a new project? So it turns off the tempo and removes the tempo grid. I know this is a SUPER MINOR thing and many people would say "why bother," and you're not wrong. I'm just thinking for when I go back and forth between doing podcast work and doing songs, it would be nice to create a new file specific to what I'm working on, without unnecessary things cluttering my view.

2. What about having the ability to embed the desired sample rate into a template, so it would open at the rate  you want, not the "default" that is in Preferences. I bring that up because I work in 96k when I'm doing music projects, but I have a bunch of podcasters I do work for, and all those projects are in 44.1k (that's what the files are that get sent to me). So when I throw those into the podcast template, it would be nice for the template to open at 44.1, rather than me having to go into Preferences and change the resolution before I open the template. Again, not a huge thing, but it would be very convenient to have that option. That way I can leave my default at 96k, but the template would know to open that new project at 44.1k.

3. I really appreciate the new "Export" drop down menu that has been added to the Modules. Currently it has the output options to set sample and bit rate. If you're going to have those, could you add a 'Dither' option there as well? I think that would be super helpful for the best output. The options are there if you do the old "File>Export>Audio". I don't think ALL of those features necessarily need to be in the quick Export menu (although would it be bad if they were?), but I think if you can set the bit rate, you should be able to set a dither level as well, in my opinion.


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