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Ben Schulz Sale & Updates

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Purchase until July 1st and get 30% off
(use these spacial links):

▷ Oszillos + Spectrum + RedVerb 2 + JP-ME-1
▷ Oszillos & Spectrum Bundle
▷ Oszillos Mega Scope
▷ Spectrum 2
▷ RedVerb 2

BIG Updates to all Plug-Ins

All Plug-ins are now compatible with Apple M1 based Macs and use a new License System (see below). Support for 32bit on macOS has been dropped in favour of M1. Support for 32 bit on Windows remains available.

Oszillos Mega Scope 1.16 - now with ZOOM!

This is quite a big update - we're eager to hear your feedback. Most notably this new version adds a zooming capability and auto-freeze.

Here's a little trailer for the impatient showing the new features: 

 If this doesn't display here, use the direct link: Trailer


Zooming! Finally! use left mouse to select a zoom region, middle mouse button to pan the view or the right button to measure. Alternatively you can use CMD/CTRL + click to pan and alt+click to measure. When you hover the mouse over the upper area of the waveform display a little widget for controlling the zooming will also appear.


when auto-freeze is engaged, the display will freeze when playback is stopped in the DAW

New Look for the Knobs

The new knows allow for numerical entry and also show the current value. 

Bug Fixes:

fixed sync issue when plug-in briefly bypassed

fixed fullscreen on windows

fixed wrong channels disappearing when channels are re-ordered via side-bar

fixed colours not being updated when a colour preset was loaded

fixed ColourConfig beeing not properly serialzed

fixed preset copy / paste

easier grabbing of side-bar splitter

reduced flicker when side bar is resized


download directly from the Oszillos Mega Scope page.

Spectrum 2.1

Spectrum 2 got some love as well:

dotted crosshair

the info box now moves with the curso when you click the left mouse button

New knobs that show the current value and allow for numerical entry

reduced flicker when resizing side-bar

New License System

made side-bar splitter easier to grab

Full Screen mode via Double Click

fixed ColourConfig beeing not properly serialzed


Download directly from the Spectrum 2 page.

RedVerb 2 & JP-ME-1

These two plug-in also habe been updated with the new license system and M1 support.


RedVerb 2

New License System

The new license system allows you to lock your license to certain USB devices instead of just your computer. When you lock your license you will also get another secondary license. The secondary license must be locked before it can be used - it can't be used floating. The new system also allows for offline activation. This is now a pretty flexible system that covers all of the requested use cases:

take your license with you by locking it to USB dongled

use license offline

use license floating

offline activation

 Read more about this in the support article.

Big Thanks

A warm thank-you goes out to all the beta testers and all those who suggested the features and improvements. If you have further suggestions or if anything doesn't work, please feel free to drop me a line.

thanks & best wishes,


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