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Addictive Drums 2


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The data needed to display note names in the Label pane next to the Note pane in the PRV.

I used the  Addictive Drums keymap pdf and CC data from the Addictive Drums 2 manual

AD2,ins in on my google page or use this direct link to download.


If you need info about adding this to CbB or creating your own custom note names entries, feel free to ask in this thread.

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No need to mess with channel assignments  preferences. That screen is designed for hardware.

The only part plug-in users need is the Define button to access the Instrument and Note Names dialog in order to import/edit plug-in note names.

Once the note names are set up in preferences, in the PRV when the instrument/MIDI track is displayed:

  • right-click on the keyboard to the left of the Notes pane to bring up the Note Names dialog
  • click the "Use these note names instead" radio button and
  • select the appropriate entry from the drop down

The AD2.ins above shows in the drop down as "AD2 Standard"


Alternate note names is a per-track setting.


Note: if the Define button is disabled on Preferences > MIDI > Instruments it is probably because no MIDI output device is enabled in Preferences > MIDI > Devices. Currently, to add/edit instrument definitions an output device must be enabled. For those who run CbB without a MIDI output device, temporarily add one (make sure to click apply after selecting the device) to enable the Define button.

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34 minutes ago, Claudio Andrés Molinari said:

In which Cakewalk folder do I have to place this file?

None, the file needs to be imported into master.ins, the master instrument definitions file. From the Importing instrument definitions help page


To import instrument definitions

1. Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Instruments.

2. Click Define to display the Define Instruments and Names dialog box.

3. Click Import to display the Import Instrument Definitions dialog box.

4. Choose the file that contains instrument definitions for your manufacturer, and click Open. Cakewalk displays a list of all the instrument definitions in the file.

5. Choose one or more instruments from the list, and click OK.

6. Click Close to close the Define Instruments and Names dialog box.

Step 4 is the AD2.ins file.

Step 5 is AD2


Note: if the Define button is disabled:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI -Devices
  2. Select a MIDI output device and click Apply
  3. Go back to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Instruments, click Define and proceed with the import
  4. Once the file is imported, go back to  Preferences > MIDI > Devices and deselect the output.

For more info about instrument definitions see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Instrument_Defs.01.html


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