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Cakewalk showing only stereo audio in-/output channels from the interface, why not mono channels?

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In the audio settings, Cakewalk recognizes the audio interfaces input/output only as stereo pairs.

Cakewalk is pairing every 2 mono channels into 1 stereo channel, naming them as (this is what 8 mono channel looks like in Cakewalk):
ASIO Fireface Analog 1
ASIO Fireface Analog 3
ASIO Fireface Analog 5
ASIO Fireface Analog 7

With other words the actual mono channel 1 and mono channel 2 is paired under "ASIO Fireface Analog 1", mono channels 3 and 4 paired under "ASIO Fireface Analog 3" and so forth..
And if one enable "Show Mono Outputs" in the settings, then, inside the DAW when working, the channels will appear like this:

Left ASIO Fireface Analog 1
Right ASIO Fireface Analog 1
Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 1
Left ASIO Fireface Analog 3
Right ASIO Fireface Analog 3
Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 3
Left ASIO Fireface Analog 5
Right ASIO Fireface Analog 5
Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 5
Left ASIO Fireface Analog 7
Right ASIO Fireface Analog 7
Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 7

I can't find a way to name the mono channels each. I can only name each stereo pair, but it doesn't help much when it is not possible to name every separate mono channel itself.

This is quite frustrating as one doesn't use everything as stereo. Sometimes mono channels need to be used, for example when connecting mono synths, or doing AUX sends, and so forth.

In other DAW's like Cubase, Reaper, Ableton, Logic (or whatever), the same audio interface I use in Cakewalk shows up just perfectly with all the separate mono channel's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... and so forth, and one is able to name each mono channel separately.

Is there a workaround?

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3 hours ago, msmcleod said:

We've made some improvements to this for the next release.

Thanks! Wow, if this is true then it truly is wonderful, because this limitation makes it very difficult for me to work as quick as I would like in Cakewalk.

When is this released planned?

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I had a Firestudio, it showed the same classification.  So does Focusrite now. 

Once you get used to it its not a work stopping issue at all. I worked that way for many years.

that being said, the new features will be welcomed !


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