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Eplex7 virtual instruments sale

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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Klerhaim N1 analog plugin synthesizer (VSTi for Win) €38.90 https://eplex7.com/klerhaim-n1-analog-vst-plugin-synthesizer/

Bundle: Spherum FX + Bassblaster (VSTi for Win) €40.90 (or 40 Credits) https://eplex7.com/plug-in-bundle-spherum-fx-vsti-bassblaster-vst/

Particle Collider SX7 synthesizer (VSTi for Win) €27.90 https://eplex7.com/particle-collider-sx7-hybrid-experimental-synthesizer-vsti/

Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced bassline synthesizer (VSTi for Win) €18.90 https://eplex7.com/hitech-bass-hbs1-advanced-bassline-synthesizer/

Psytrance EFX Pro plug-in instrument (Win/Mac) €17.90 (or 17 Credits) https://eplex7.com/psytrance-efx-pro-vsti-au-plug-in-instrument/

Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM bassline synthesizer (VSTi for Win) €16.90 https://eplex7.com/analog-bass-unit-n4-bassline-synthesizer-vsti/

Replikorp 2249 plug-in instrument (Win/Mac) €16.49 (or 16 Credits) https://eplex7.com/replikorp-2249-plugin-retro-futuristic-instrument/

Some instrument banks (for the eplex player or others) also on sale https://eplex7.com/product-category/bonus-instruments-banks

The "Credits" system is essentially a way to build bundles and get a discount (10 Cr for €10.00, 27 Cr for €25.00, 60 Cr for €50.00, 130 Cr for €100.00, 200 Cr for €150.00 and 290 Cr for €200.00)

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