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AnalogConsole v1.0.2 Update

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What's new?

- Waveform-db-scales (on strip in trackview) are brighter

- All meters have more contrast

- ProChannel quad-curve -eq and fly-out have coloured metallic knobs now

- PC quad-curve -eq and fly-out Slope Knobs are black now with correct functionality

- PC compressor and tube saturation modules have metallic knobs now

- I changed the grid colours of audio and midi tracks in track view for better visibility while editing

   waveforms, beats, MIDI-Events and so on. If you want to change that too, go to:


edit > 1 Preferences > 2 Colors > 3 All Colors > 4 Vertical Measure Lines and/or Vertical Beat Lines

> 5 Choose Color > 6 ok > 7 Save (without title) > 8 Apply > 9 OK


Edited by Michel Roth
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