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You Alone- Scandalous Grace


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Here is a new song by Scandalous Grace.   All comments are welcome.  Let us know what you think of the mix and the song.

Performed by Scandalous Grace 
Words & Mu­sic: Michael Hanson
Sean Peifer: BG Vox, Electric Rhythm, Guitar Solo.
Michael Hanson: Lead Vocal, Bass, Electric Rhythm, Drum Programming, Mixing and mastering.
Reece Bain: Keys and BGVs.


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Douglas- Thank you for listening and commenting.  Glad to hear you like the song.   Thank you for the comments on my voice, that means a lot too me.


Ed- Thank you for listening and commenting as well.


Freddy-  Always nice to have you listen and comment, I appreciate it very much.   Glad to hear that the mix sounds good to you.



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A Miller-  👍

Ed D- Thank you for listening and commenting.  Good to hear the mix sounds right.   Sean always does excellent work on his guitar solos.

Paul-  Thank you again for listening.   I get the Petty reference a lot.   😎

Daryl-  "Wall of Sound" was mentioned by me band mate, Sean when he first heard the mix.   He was trying to come up with another guitar rhythm that was different than what I was playing, but complimented it.  He went through 4 or 5 different takes with different rhythms and nothing sounded right to me.  Finally, he just duplicated my rhythm and it gave that wonderful wall of sound.   The Easter Beagle is definitely singing BGV's!    I used to get Lennon and Dylan comparisons also.  I never knew whether or not the Dylan comments were a compliment or a dig.  😑   I'll take Petty all day long!




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