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Sheila's Last Night Out


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lyrics are top notch. mix is all there, maybe a bit more bass when you aren't singing. You might also back the main vocals down just a bit, not much. The horns (great parts!!!!!) just have a different reverb than the drums, and therefore sound a little out of place. Great horn lines, though.


There are a lot of characters here! If you are going to have a character named Jimmy, then maybe don't borrow a jimi hendrix guitar line? Or was that on purpose, paying homage to voodoo chile? If you are going to do that, I would leave out the voodoo chile lick in the intro. When I first heard it, my thought was "this guy is stealing that lick" and of course not knowing the story yet, it gives a negative impression. For me at least.


I thought it was a great song, the mix is very well done I think except for maybe the horn reverb. 





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You tell a really good story  with characters we've probably all known at some time or other.
It's hard to move the narrative along with short verses and a strict meter, but you did a nice job.
Really liked the ending that sums up what Jimmy is all about.

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Many thanks Tom & Bjorn.

Tom... once again, you've nailed a few issues.  I've made and uploaded most of the changes you suggested:

  • Vocal is down 1.5 dB.
  • Bass is a little meatier throughout.
  • The ripped off Hendrix riff doesn't start until after the first verse (it's also 1 dB lower throughout).
  • The percussion fills (when the main drums break) are brought up.
  • Horn reverb remains the same, though.

All good stuff and I thank you.  BTW, that Hendrix riff was purchased from Big Fish Audio. It was in a collection called 'Soul City'. I figured if they can sell it, I can use it.  A weak rationale, I know, but these days everything seems to get spread everywhere.

I never twigged that the character name 'Jimmy' was the same as the riff's creator 'Jimi'. Good call. I used that name became I liked this line:

After all, it's only fair Jim gets a little trim

For example, this wouldn't have worked:

After all, it's only fair Bob gets a little trim

The incident described actually happened (although a few embellishments were added). The real Jimmy will be up for his first parole hearing in 2024 . I've always felt a  bit 'guilty' about using it as the subject of a song (it started life as a longer poem) but I spent 40 days in court while every minute detail was laid bare.  The lyric was painstakingly composed to give as much information in the shortest time, yet still tell a cohesive story.

Cheers...!  - Dan

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Wow, what a terrific vibe and song.  You've created a vivid story which goes perfectly with the funky attitude of the music.  I need to listen to this song a few more times to get totally acquainted with it, as it has quite a few elements that require more attention.  Kudos!

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I like the funky feel you developed in this song.  It really compliments the lyrics.  You tell a good story and I love a song that tells a story.  The timing and phrasing of your vocals are excellent.  The mix sounds good on my system.  There is a bunch of really good stuff that comes through on this song.  Well done!!!

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Many, many thanks Lynn & freddy j. I'm delighted you found it entertaining. That is the song's only purpose. Entertainment.

Sheila's Last Night Out is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. My wife, for example, thinks it's good poetry but it's embedded in the kind of music that drives her out of the room. (Fortunately, she supports me in most other efforts). These days I tend to be careful who I play it for. That's somewhat in opposition my one of my heroes, Frank Zappa, who never cared in the least whom he might offend.

I tried getting several other vocalists to do this, but they just couldn't seem to get my drift. I suppose one tells their own story best.

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