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R Henn

Enhanced Track Manager/Track Filter for Track View?

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Long time Sonar/Cake user here - using latest CbB -  looking for help managing projects with >100+ tracks... similar to the Piano Roll Track Filter? Love the way you can add custom filters to Track Filter and quickly hide/show different groups of tracks according to your needs. Same functionality in Track View would be awesome.  I can only get part of the way there with Track folders. (nested Track folders might help - is that a possibility?)

(Track Manager would benefit from “Collapse all folders” button when you have many folders).

A related wish list item is “show tracks with data” (hide all empty tracks).

Any thoughts on this, or workaround ideas?

Many thanks,


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Yes Please!  +1

It is essential for working with big Templates.... And the "Folder Suggestion" don't really help.
Enhanced Track Manager examples:

  • Show All Tracks
  • Show selected Tracks
  • Show Tracks with Events under Cursor
  • Show Tracks with Events in Loop Range
  • Show / Hide Freeze / Disabled Tracks
  • Hide all Empty Tracks

And a Search Action Filter / Custom Toolbar Track List: Show / Hide all Tracks from / with:   "Spitfire"   "Orchestral Tools",  "Brass", "Strings" etc.



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