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Kevin Perry

BFD2 conceptual use of articulation maps

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This is really more of an idea for people to look at rather than a completed AM to show how AMs can be used in "unusual" ways.

I have fxPansion's BFD 2 (and BFD 1 and BFD 3, but I've spent most of my time with BFD 2): it has internal grooves that can be triggered by MIDI from your DAW.  In CbB, you can use a drum map to expose them or (thankfully because fxPansion implemented the VST note exposure API correctly) from a normal piano roll view.

But it's not always obvious when they stop (especially as there are multiple latch modes in BFD 2) or what pattern is playing at a particular time.

I've started building some AMs to expose the groove MIDI notes within the articulation lane, so you have more visibility over what is playing when.

BFD 2 Grooves.artmap

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