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IK Percussion Krazy Deal

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I have these, and they are ok. Some nice patches, especially the curated stuff like the Big Hits, Harvested Hits, etc.

The smaller percussion patches sound good, as do the metals, cymbals and gongs. 

I don't like the snares or the timpani -- they're not bad, per se, but I personally don't like how upfront and in-your-face they are, especially the snare drums. The timpani samples are nicely recorded, but to my ears there aren't nearly enough velocity layers and so they change way too abruptly. I also don't like the timpani crescendo or roll patches. Most other orchestral timpani libraries offer way more useable options. 

I'd definitely buy these as a set, as they don't overlap much and each library has fairly essential patches in it: eg, Orchestral Percussion has the timpani and snares, but Cinematic Percussion has the suspended cymbals. There are also some nice loops in each library, also, and I have found those quite useful. 

YMMV, as always, but I think $25 each is a pretty good price for these. 


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