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Lee Jackson

MIDI Device & Buffer Prefs Not Sticky Across Sessions

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I am having a problem with certain MIDI preferences not persisting between CbB sessions. Specifically, my MIDI/Devices setting is not persisting. I have a USB MIDI interface with 4 out of 5 ports active. I've tried to activate the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth in addition permanently, but the activation won't stick. When I exit CbB, I lose the setting. I have to reactivate the preference before I load up any song in which I want to use that device.

Another preference that won't stick is the MIDI/Playback and Recording/Playback setting for "Prepare using: xxx millisecond buffers." That is set at 200 by default. I want to change the default to 400 due to some stuttering, but again this change has to be done every time I start up CbB.

I have tried editing a template at Bob Bergen's suggestion on Facebook, and new files created using that template do appear using the edited preferences. However, when you save/close the newly created .CWP files, exit CbB, restart CbB, and reload the .CWP files, the preferences revert back to the original non-template settings. This is most definitely a bug and needs to be addressed. Please help, and thank you.

EDIT TO ABOVE PARAGRAPH: The edited template was used without doing the exit/restart procedure. When I exited, restarted, and then tried to use the edited template, the preferences in the edited template had reverted - no Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, no 400 millisecond buffers. The bug is not fixed by editing a template.

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