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Live mode

Eve Ripper

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Hi there. I have some thoughts about live mode and OSC support.

First of all, of course Ableton Live, Mainstage are the leaders in live performance mode.

 In Cakewalk we have matrix mode which is like a Clip Mode in Live, also we have performace playlist to load projects for gig.

What I would like to see is to have full support of OSC to control my Cakewalk in gig. There's a thing called AZSLOW which was added to support some OSC stuff. But it's not built in, so if i was a noob, I couldn't start perform with OSC in classic terms. 

So, please add full OSC support to use things like LEMUR, TouchOSC.

Then, I would like to see improvements in playlist. I would like to see it in separate docker to organize things well. 

Of course in mobile era there's a thing called Ableton link to sync which would be cool to use with Cakewalk. 

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