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Alright, who done it?

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45 minutes ago, craigb said:

I predict this thread could go, um, nuclear? 😁

It already is....


Oh wait, I thought you said unclear.


As you were then......


Whatever that is.


I have no idea.


But FWIW............


Whatever IT is.........


It weren't me.


'Cuz I dint do anyfink.


Mrs Paulo will vouch for that.


She sez I never do anyfink.


I do things sometimes


But  I didn't do whatever this is.


I asked Meatloaf if he did it


He said he does a lot of things


But he won't do that.


Yesterday,  he said that Mrs Meatloaf asked him to put out the trash, wash the car and tidy the garden.


He didn't do the car.


Mrs M wasn't happy.


But Meat said 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


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