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Jack Stoner

MAudio Air 192/14

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I moved back in February and some of my recording gear including an MOTU 4pre came up missing.   I'm still looking for it but to have an interface unit I bought the MAudio Air 192/14 based on previously (about 10 years ago) owning an MAudio Fastrack Ultra 8R that worked great.   

Sadly, the Air 192/14 did not live up to expectations and is being returned.    I didn't get far into testing it but far enough that its not for me.  First latency is double what I had with the MOTU unit and even using the 192/14 with USB C.   But the real dog is the headphone output.  I tried playback with some previously mastered songs in Cakewalk.  With the MOTU everything is clear, vocals and instruments at proper levels.  With the 192/14 they are muffled and sounds like a tone control set on bass.  I can't even hear some instruments.   Whether this is how they all sound or I got a defective unit?  Either way its going back today, I got the RMA and free shipping label from American Musical.


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