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Acustica SIENNA update

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new version including-
FOCAL ELEAR: very balanced headphones not too different from the Clear. Compared to the Clear Pro MG the low frequencies tend to distort a bit
- FOCAL SPHEAR: these are in-ear monitors and we sampled them with two different sets of foam. They sounded very good but I had a hard time getting them to adhere perfectly to the ear canal. When they adhere perfectly the low frequencies are fantastic.
- SHURE SE535: These are in-ear that required a very small adjustment, but it is very difficult to make them adhere to the ear canal. For this reason, it is difficult to perceive the low frequencies in the correct way.
- AUDIOTECHNICA ATH 910 PRO: they tend to be very balanced, but can be really distorted in low frequencies
- SENNHEISER HD518: headphones that tend to sound extremely correct but the low frequencies tend to distort very easily compared to other headphones of the same manufacturer
- AIAIAI CAPITAL: have a slightly muffled and cheap sound, but are quite balanced
- AUDIOTECHNICA M20: the correction curve is very good but they have little detail
- ULTRASONE PRO550: sound a bit nasal, with strange bass and slightly high-pitched. In any case, the correction improves it a lot

Run Aquarius

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more today-

-AKG K7XX: a soft profile similar to the one made for the 702 Smooth. These headphones in fact derive from K702 with a different tuning. The sound is very balanced, even if the headphone tends to be slightly distorted.

-AUDEZE LCD2 CLOSED BACK SMOOTH: a much more balanced profile in the low frequencies than the standard profile.

-AUSTRIAN AUDIO HIX50: these closed-back headphones, with our profile, have really surprised us. The sound is very compact and defined. Highly recommended if you are looking for a closed over-the-ear headphone

-ULTRASONE PROLINE 750: sound balanced, but tend to sound cheap in the high frequencies

-SONY MDR Z500: a balanced closed-back headphone with this profile and have a fair amount of detail

-KZ ES4: these are very balanced in-ears, as well as pretty cheap.

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