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Kevin Perry

Melodyne slowness gotcha

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I've been suffering from excessive slowness in Melodyne startup since I upgraded to v4 (from v3) several years ago: the first instantiation per run of Cakewalk/SONAR before it, or even a VST scan, would take almost exactly 15 seconds (on old quad core Q6600 as well as more recent Ruzen 2600).  Subsequent opens in the same Cakewalk/SONAR session were fast.

Celemony support were unable to help.

Thanks to a post on an unrelated topic in this forum:

I can confirm that the lack of iLok/PACE driver/service on the system is what causes the slowdown: I installed the License Manager (no licences associated with it) and Melodyne starts quickly (essentially instantly).

So if you have no iLok-protected software on your machine but want to use Melodyne with machine authentication, you will experience slow startup unless you install the iLok/PACE license manager software.

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