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Possible to enter Volume and Gain via keyboard in Track View?

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I've been using Cakewalk for many years, and just now realized... is it not possible to enter numbers for Volume and Gain using the keyboard? (I am mainly talking about the Track View here.)

EDIT: I figured out you CAN double click below the fader in the Inspector... but I am after doing this in the Track View. Besides, Gain is not exposed in the Inspector?

Have I missed something? 🤔

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11 hours ago, John Nelson said:

Lower left corner, "Display" then "check the "Input Gain/Pan" and gain should be exposed in Inspector.

Thanks! Although the behavior is not really consistent: one cannot double click on the Gain number below the pot in the Inspector to set it via keyboard (like you can double click on the Volume number below the fader).

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11 hours ago, Kevin Perry said:

Yes, you have missed something 🙂

F2 or Enter puts the gain/volume into text edit mode, whereupon you can type the numeric value in.


Whoa, thanks! I have indeed! How could I have missed that! I, eh... suck! 😂

For years, I have had F2 mapped to "Loop On/Off" and F3 to "Set loop times to selection"... which have been super-handy for me, but I suppose I set a trap for myself there as well.

This forum rocks!

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