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Nelson Guimaraes MIDIS

Please, go back! - Arranger and tempo changes!!!

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hi, Fellows! I had to roll back to Cawewalk 2021.1 because of these reasons:

- was suffering with the tempo change window. I feel the pre-selected option sould be "most recent tempo", because sometimes I need to up-tempo or down-tempo as my composition progresses, IE when I need to compose a difficul phrase. If the previous selected option is "new tempo", my composition gets lots and lots of tempo changes and I cannot notice it!!! Please, get back to "most recent tempo" if you can. 


- arrangement inspector strangely blocked! in the new version (2021.4) the arranger inspector sessions gets suddenly and misteriously blocked with no aparent reason. I make my arrangement set, but if some time later I notice anything is wrong, I cannot correct it! Please, get back with this also! 



Thanks in advance! 

NelsonMidis (nelsonmidi@gmail.com)

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