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Jim Fogle

What Is Sound? 21 Audio Terms Defined

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What Is Sound? is the first video in a (free) series about music production.  


We’ll explain 21 audio terms that music producers and engineers use and we’ll sprinkle Mix Tips throughout the video. What’s a waveform, how does sound travel, what’s Timbre, Modal Frequency, Hertz, Amplitude, how do our ears work, and how is this knowledge going to improve the sound of your music?

This Music Production and Engineering Course is for music producers, singers, and artists with home studios, who want to understand more about SOUND, recording, and engineering, so your music will sound better!

Written and Presented by award-winning music producer/engineer/writer Arty Skye.  Arty Skye has earned 14 Gold/Platinum Records, 8 #1 Billboard Hits, and a Grammy Nomination. He has more than 50 published articles and reviews, had his own monthly column in Home Recording Magazine, and has built/owned 2 recording studios in New York City.

This is really, really good stuff.  Arty Skye is a knowledgeable teacher with great presentation skills.  There is a bunch of information packed into this 10 minute video.

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