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Steve Harder

EW Hollywood Opus Articulation Maps for Master Keyswitch Instruments

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The original creator and sharer of these is "ALittleNightMusic" on https://vi-control.net/community/members/alittlenightmusic.24110/  They did all the hard work.

All I did was import the Cubase expression maps and then saved in Cakewalk.  These are a good jump start on using Opus  master keyswitch articulations.  Be aware that master keyswitch instruments consume large amounts of ram (especially Diamond) in Opus, so that may be a reason to use individual articulation instruments rather than master keyswitch instruments. Or to be selective in which articulations you allow Opus to load in a keyswitch instrument.  Opus is much more flexible with this than Play was.  Using the "Don't Preload" option can really help keep ram usage low, only notes played will be loaded.


Here's typical contents


Note the disparity between the Note value in Cakewalk artic editor of note  C1 and Opus Note of C0 (see 3rd screenshot below).  This is caused by Cakewalk and Opus assigning different values to Bass Octave.  I have mine set to -1 (at bottom on 1st screenshot below).  (This is something to check out if an artic map you create doesn't function, try an octave up or down for the note value.)



These use the Master keyswitch patch.



On first loading keyswitch patch may have some articulations turned off.   image.thumb.png.4d729894a4892c1500f7f5ef5e6cb39c.png


You manually turn them on by clicking the little slider switch at upper left of each articulation you want to use.  To save ram you might only want a few articulations turned on.



Then you assign a keyswitch to the articulations you turned on manually. 

You right click in the articulation box.


You click on the None dropdown


and select Key Switch.

And Opus assigns the next keyswitch in order to that articulation.



Do this for any/all turned off articulations you want to use.

To save ram you might only want a few articulations turned on.image.thumb.png.4eb107bc28433614fdbfa5659f95735a.png

The changes you make will be saved with your project.

If you want this setup to be your new standard for this articulation then you would save the changes to the instrument in Opus.






EW Hollywood Opus.zip

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I don't have OPUS but have Hollywood Strings (cheap version).  All of my articulation maps now work with the exception of the bass.  I chose to use C2 as the starting point.  I've tried both moving the entire starting point for each map from C2 both up and down.  However, there appears to be something that triggers the Bass map even if I have only one articulation.  For ex - I have the bass set to legato  but it plays stac marc MOD.  I even tried using only the keyswitch set and that didn't work either.  

I noticed you did state there was a possibility of some articulations interferring with the bass.

One shows the Articulations I chose

Two shows the upper four instruments and the chosen articulations

three shows my effort to put the bassi in a different starting position

All the channels are sequential as you can see in One

Any help appreciated.






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Sorry for the late reply, been on vacation off the grid.

Here is the multi


Here is an example of how I have artic maps set up for HW Strings (non Opus) using that multi.  These are not identical to your example but do work.


In the above the Legato would be on midi channel 1, Spiccato on midi channel 2, etc.


In the above note what is happening in the Out line of each transform event, locking all output to a specific channel.


And above is the midi channel 7.


Does that help?

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