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Losing keyboard connection


During extended sessions and upon reopening a  project, I often have to reselect the input setting on a track before it will respond to my external midi keyboard.  To clarify, CbB does visually respond (PRV), but the signal does not echo through the intended external or softsynth.  My setup takes all midi inputs through a usb2 midisport patchbay (legacy driver for the product ended development in 2013). 

I haven’t determined the conditions for when this occurs.  I’ve noticed it sometimes when returning from  sleep mode (Win 10 64) on my laptop, and sometimes just in reopening a project, but I’m not certain that it follows as a rule.  Sometimes (but not always), the established input for tracks gets arbitrarily reassigned to the last port in my pick list.

Are there any settings within CbB  that would mitigate this issue, or at the very least would make it less cumbersome to restore desired function.  Hitting the midi/audio reset button, does not solve my problem.  Currently, I find myself having to reselect a preset input for all effected midi tracks whenever this occurs.

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