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Studio One updated to 5.2.1

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Version 5.2.1 Released (April 27, 2021)

Please note:

- Make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.

- [macOS only] If you’re experiencing any graphics issues with 3rd-party plug-ins, you may disable graphics hardware acceleration (Preferences > General) for improved compatibility.
New features and improvements:

● Updated manuals in English, French, German and Spanish

● Extended "Find and Apply Sound Variation" command to include subfolders

● [Note Editor] Drum view pitch selection improvements

● [Note Editor] Synchronization of tracklist between views

● [FaderPort 8+16] Added feedback for click volume adjustment

The following issues have been fixed:

● Chord follow option on track breaks time stretch

● "Find and Apply Variation" should not find folder names

● "Fit Timeline to Contents" range broken by toggling browser visibility

● "Mixdown Selection" results in wrong length with tempo changes in the rendered range

● "No overlap" option sometimes removes events during move

● "Pin Editor" does not apply in certain situations

● "Show in Context" greyed out on many search results in Loops browser tab

● Compare button not working with 3rd party plug-ins

● “Copy to new Scratch Pad” scrolls arrangement to unwanted position

● [ATOM SQ] Using 'Section' function on Arranger Track returns focus to track

● [ATOM+ATOM SQ] Having ATOM and ATOM SQ running simultaneously can cause erratic

bank assignments on ATOM

● [macOS] Cannot move detached mixer window when main window is in fullscreen mode

● [macOS] Settings imported from Windows prevent Studio One from playing audio while in


● [macOS] Window size is not restored on launch when previously maximized

● [Melodyne] Crash when loading a song with missing clip/s

● [Note Editor] Action > Length > Legato isn't working reliably

● [Note Editor] Triangle or other form of automation curve is not correctly sized at certain

zoom levels

● [Note Editor] Editor does not update displayed tracks when events are selected in the


● [Pro EQ2] Phase issues due to wrong reported latency

● [Pro EQ2] LLC is not latency-compensated

● [Score View] Note selection is not drawn in certain situations

● [Score View] Potential crash when inserting tab notes

● [Score View] Sending notes to different voices creates unexpected results

● [Score View] Staff preset name is cut off

● [Score View] Notes on wrong pitches when recording drums

● [Score View] Duplicating score item creates rests

● [Score View] View not aligned correctly when double-clicking an event

● [Score View] View not showing right measures after double-click event selection

● [PreSonus Sphere] Dragging audio into Arrangement to create new track puts file

extension in track name

● [PreSonus Sphere] Refresh not working at workspace level

● [Splitter] Duplicate not working properly

● [Splitter] Song data import not working properly

● [Windows] Mixer is un-maximized when small/large layout toggled

● Arrangement does not release focus from Melodyne editor in certain cases

● Arranger sections overlap when moved to new Scratch Pad

● Audio events are not quantized correctly in certain situations

● BPM rounding discrepancy when confirming tempo of certain events

● Can't select instrument track with no events when editor is open for another instrument

track's event

● Range tool export to folder does not render audio file

● Macro Editor down button fails for last entry

● Folder tracks that have been saved collapsed are expanded upon reopening song

● Graphical representation of drag and drop events corrupted when empty and nested

folders are present

● Looped playback will unwantedly fade in transient on first bar

● Metronome on/off state not synced correctly with Studio One Remote

● Mixdown will not complete when audio files contain wrong frame count

● Moving arranger sections creates unwanted tempo nodes under certain conditions

● No latency compensation on side-chained channels

● Note events extend beyond loop range when punch and replace modes are active

● Plug-in parameters suddenly jumping to max/min while editing with left mouse button


● Plug-in name with a number at the end is enumerated incorrectly in the console

● 3rd party plug-in window does not resize correctly in certain situations

● Plug-in loses sidechain send when copied to another track

● Potential crash when duplicating audio events edited with Melodyne

● Potential crash when transforming audio tracks

● Safety Options window appears right on first launch after updating to 5.2

● Saving Instrument+FX presets erroneously appends number to preset names

● Sidechain sends are removed when switching scenes with and without sidechains

● Sound variations are deleted when merging events using VSL Synchron Player

● Splitting takes recorded in a loop removes previous take’s event data

● Tempo changes and markers not read correctly from certain MIDI files

● Track controls UI glitch when using quick-zoom in/out

● "Separate Shared Copies" on shared audio part creates new audio clip version instead

● Umlauts not displayed correctly in new Setlist item name

● Undoing “Add Bus Channel” resets routing to main out instead of the original channel

● Unexpected behavior when transforming and re-transforming tracks with auto tail and "No

overlaps" active

● Pitch name reverts to previous selection when editing

● “Zoom Full” sometimes sets wrong horizontal zoom


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Yes, it is. And the report I have read on the Presonus forum is that the side chain compensation issue that cropped up recently has been fixed.  I will try it out later!  

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