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Workaround script for missing keyboard shortcuts

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While the bakers does not implement new keyboard shortcuts, I created an alternative solution some functions that I use a lot and that are currently only accessible via mouse.
Below are the functions and their respective keyboard shortcuts, which will work via Autohotkey:

  1. Unsolo All Tracks: Win+S
  2. Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll On/Off: Win+T
  3. Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll -> Autofocus (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+T
  4. Piano Roll View-> View -> Show Multiple Lanes (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+L

To install and use, follow these steps:

  1. Install Autohotkey on your Windows.
  2. Download "Cakewalk_Alt_Keys.zip" (attached to this post) and unzip in to a folder you want (example, Desktop)
  3. Double click on the script "Cakewalk_alt_keys.ahk" to activate it. It will be resident on the Windows task bar.

Now, inside CbB, you can use the additional keyboard shortcuts above.



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