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James Argo

"MIDI Event chase on play" behavior

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Back in Sonar 8.5, we have "Patch/Controller Search back Before Play Starts" in Options --> Projects --> MIDI Out. It will tell Cakey to search for any last patch number or controller value on tracks relative to "now" position before playback starts. For example if we play piano track in the middle of the song, this function will allow Cakey to search for any value of CC64 (damper pedal/sustain) before it playback. If the last value was found as "pressed damper", then the sustain pedal will affect the playback. And so on.

I just realized Cakewalk has changed this into Preference --> Project --> MIDI --> Other Options "MIDI Event Chase on Play" . I'm not sure since when did Cakewalk change it this way, I guess started on Sonar X1 when Cakewalk introduce Skylight interface.

The problem now is, I found they behave differently. In Sonar 8.5, Cakewalk will search the patch/controller regardless they are in different / split -ed clips.

In CbB, Cakewalk will NOT search the patch / controller if they happen to be in different clip (in same track). So if I have 1 clip span from measure 2-4 , and second clip span from 6-10 , and I start to play from position measure 5, any controller last value in the first clip wont affect second clip. For example if I have CC64 value 127 (press damper sustain) at the end of the first clip, when I start play back from measure 5, the sustain wont affect the second clip, unless I bounce both clips into 1 clip.

Is this behavior intentional or a bug ?


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