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8DIO Century Ostinato Woodwinds

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It is finally here!

Century Ostinato Woodwinds is one of our most awaited releases and we are ecstatic to offer it to you! One of the reasons is that we now offer true ostinato deep-sampling for both Strings, Brass and Woodwinds. This means you can combine all sections together and get complete realistic repeated playing styles for virtually any orchestration imaginable. It is also easy to use. Just play and go.

The Woodwinds come in two libraries. One featuring Flutes and Clarinets. The other featuring Oboes and Bassoons. All four instrument sections were deep-sampled (37K samples) symmetrically, so you can easily layer everything together.

The Ostinato Woodwinds contains a deep wealth of short notes and an abundance of true repeated patterns recorded at multiple dynamics and velocities - essentially offering you truly realistic repeated patterns with full DAW-tempo sync.

The beauty of Century Ostinato series lives in the Ultra Deep-Sampled phrases.

Each uniquely captured expression and pattern is available across the range of the instrument at multiple dynamics, all while maintaining the same feel and human-like inaccuracies of a real performance by utilizing the fully host synchronized capabilities. This means you have ultimate flexibility and playability, all while letting the instrument work to fit your production.

The entire Ostinato series was painstakingly captured at 96 kHz before being carefully down-sampled to 48 kHz for ease of streaming. Each recording session also featured only the very best in recording equipment, ensuring an almost purely and impeccably maintained analog signal path. This not only preserves and enhances the accuracy and character of each instrument but helps us to truly honor the sound of these master musicians, presenting you with only the best virtual instruments have to offer.

Century Ostinato Woodwinds are available now:

Century Ostinato Woodwinds: Flutes and Clarinets ($98)

Century Ostinato Woodwinds: Oboes and Bassoons ($98)

Go to www.8dio.com for more information.


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