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Giorgio Gabriel

Possible bug with freezed instrument tracks

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I strangely found a possible problem:

1: create an instrument track (I tried with TTS1 and SI Bass) - let's say this is track n. 1.

2: record some notes (you get a clip with some midi notes...)

3: freeze the track (now you will see the sample, NOT the midi parts)

4: duplicate this track activating "Events" too (you will see the new track as midi notes, not audio). This will be track n. 2.

Now, funny to say, this new track (n. 2) will be "doubled": the synth will be working but also the "audio" part will be audible too.

In this scenario, if you try to modify or even delete the all the midi notes in track n. 2, you won't see anything but the track will play!!!! (and you will not understand why an empty track is playing....).

In the end, if you use the "split instrument track" command (on track n. 2), you will get a new track n. 3 with the audio part (that was invisible before...).

Funny, eheheh,

could this be considered a problem?




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