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7.1 Editing, Monitoring & Output

Zakk Rokkanno


I am learning to edit in 7.1 but am finding it hard to set up.

I have strix 7.1 headphones [proper 7.1 not emulated] and wish to monitor my work in full 7.1 through my headset.

However I seem to only be able to select strix 1 or 2 channels - not the other 6

How do I assign outputs so that I can listen to my work in full 7.1  

Once this is solved and I have created my 7.1 mix I assume exporting my work will automatically render it to a full 7.1 audio file I can play back in whatever 7.1 capable player I have

Is that the case - if not - how do I do this.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me the step by steps to sort my 7.1 monitoring issue & export 








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The manual alludes to it having an ASIO driver, so first make sure you've got that installed and you've set CbB to use ASIO mode within Preferences->Audio->Driver Settings, and all the outputs are enabled within Preferences->Audio->Devices.

Next, make sure you've got surround set up within CbB within Preferences->Project->Surround. 

First set the Surround Format to 7.1, assign each of the outputs 1 thru 8 to the relevant outputs on your Strix device, then save it as a preset.

Checkout the "Surround Mixing" part of the Cakewalk Reference Guide (page 985). The reference guide can be downloaded via the "Cakewalk By BandLab" menu at the top of this site.

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