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On 4/25/2021 at 2:53 PM, Amicus717 said:

Great stuff, Bats. Slickly recorded and mixed, with your usual high-end polish.

Really enjoyed it. 

howdy ho amicus!

glad you dig my stuff, you know, as it comes off 'slick' or polished,

i have to say, there is nothing special about the way i track or mix.

it's pretty straight up, without any tricks...


guitars were straight out of the Iridium to interface, and usually just panned and eq'd a bit...

bass, the same, maybe with some compression and  limiting thrown on during mix,

drums were the tricky thing to write, but they are straight out of superior drummer with my own spin on eq and leveling.

so i'm glad i'm hitting the mark with what i want to be good sounding recordings,

i never aspired to be a mixer...

i'm a musician. but, to get my stuff down, i've had to learn to mix. and here i am! heheh


thanks so much for the kind words

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