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Tom Frazee

Instability using Play Set's


I've been using Sonar since it was first made by Cakewalk.  Both in studio and live shows.  One of the features that is unique to Sonar is the Play Set option.  for live, it allows me to set up a set list for a show.  It can automatically go from one song to the next, choose to delay any amount of seconds or wait for a key press.  It's great.  In a song file, my audio for a song is typically 8-16 audio tracks, a couple of MIDI tracks for keyboard program changes and lighting cues and a simple video track for teleprompter.  This file is usually a very lite video mp4 with just lyrics and cues and the file is around 3-4 meg.

If I play back the file by itself, the video to audio sync is perfect.  If the song is in a Play Set, the audio to video sync gets way off...usually the video is 2-3 seconds behind the audio.  It seems like playing back in a Play Set can corrupt a file at times.  Looping is definatly NOT an option.  Notes:

  1. I'm running a Lenovo Laptop with Win 10, 4 Core 1.8Ghz, 1T SSD, 16G Ram, GPU is in the CPU (not a discreate video card) but it's a Intel UHD Graphics 620
  2. I've got the file preference set to only allow 1 project open at a time
  3. None of my projects run any virtual instruments.  Just multitrack wav files, MIDI program commands and the one video teleprompter track.  Each project is around 200-300 meg

Has there been any R&D in regards to the Play Set function?  It's what makes Sonar a go to live playback application that gives flexibility during a show.  Very important.   I look forward to any feedback and I can zip up a few projects along with a demo Play Set for any Bandlab / Cakewalk developer wanting to troubleshoot.


Thanks, Tom Frazee / Admagination Creative Services for broadcasting and live show production

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