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Tim Petherick Ra6 Limiter for N4

Hidden Symmetry

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A new release from Tim & this is a good one folks-

Vintage Vari-mu limiter

This is a very smooth limiter, that handles material with ease! Approx time constants 0.6ms attack, release 300ms, dual release includes a second longer release with a long  charge time.


    Two Units, 1/2 Unit 2 has slightly slower time constants
    Limiter features Single and Dual release
    Two threshold levels to choose from. -10 is for lower level material.
    Variable Hpf filter
    Stereo unit 1 and 2 preamp /mono preamp
    Jpn n3 and n4 skins


Save 25% with discount code Ra6_25_off, offer ends 10/04/2019


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