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Matthieu Fernandez

Need help to noob gear - Akai pro LPD8 + Behringer UCA222

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Hi everyone,

I post my noob gear for ultimate beginner like I... I'm a french new user of Cakewalk via BandLab. I am a guitarist, vocalist and I would like to extend my hobbie with a MIDI pad & a free DAW. So... it is very difficult to me to begin and configure my new gear. I need your help because I spend many hours to understand this to be "lost in translation".


Firstly, this is my material :

 * PC LAPTOP-A72Q0R3H, Windows 10 family, Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-6500 CPU @ 2.5 Ghz 2.6 Ghz, 8Go RAM

 * I bought an external and cheap sound card to connect my old Alesis to my computer : U-Control Behringer UCA222

 * I bought a pad controller Akai pro LPD8

 * Cakewalk from BandLab v.2021.01 ; LPD8 Editor v2.0.2 download from Akai website and its driver


Well. I have red this tutorial's page very helpy.

 * Using Akai Midimix with Cakewalk by Bandlab - Tutorials - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum


I have this questions :

 * how to install reaktor modul from Akai website for LPD8?

 * why the sound is not transmitted to my headphones connected to the U-Control? Sound is transmitted to PC-Speakers.

* why can't I play bass with the LPD8? How to configure it to play bass?

* how to well-configured  the audio latency ?

* how many controller have I to enter in remote control?

* and so many other nooby questions


I wish you a beautiful Easter Sunday. Hope to see you soon!


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