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APD Offer: 91% Off Insane Next Level Keys Bundle by Sampletekk

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For only $29 (normally $305), the Insane Next Level Keys Bundle by SAMPLETEKK featuring 5 unique pianos: Singularis. ST Clav, Tubed Keys, ST Reed Organ and ST Tonewheel.

Singularis is part of SampleTekk’s “No nonsense, load and play” series. The goal is not to provide you with a fancy GUI, but to give you an instrument and a sound that is inspiring to play.

ST Clav was sampled from a Hohner Clavinet D6© which has for years been putting the onk in funk, but has also been used in many genres. The ST Clav has all the sounds, and are recorded through a tube amp.

Tubed Keys is sampled from The Mk I Seventy-Three which has no less then 16 different velocity samples/note and this gives you the dynamic response that’s not found on many sampled Rhodes. Add to this 16 matching release samples and you’ll have 32 samples/note.

The ST Reed Organ huffs and it puffs and it could blow your house down. However, it will produce a charming noise that will work equally well for both hymns and whisky drenshed smoke-filled Waits type of songs.

ST Tonewheel is the one you would PARTY with! If you’re looking for the ultimate Hammond B3 Clone, keep looking! If this organ was a date, it wouldn’t be the one you presented to your mother.

SampleTekk is a Swedish based company that specialize in recording and producing high quality multisampled instrument.

All instruments in this bundle require the full retail version of Kontakt. Normally valued at $305, this bundle is now offered at a whopping 91% off for a few days, don’t miss out!

Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1
Deal expires on April 14th, 2021 at midnight eastern time



  • 16 velocity levels for pedal up, down and release samples. Total of 48
  • Samples/recorded note
  • 44.1, 24 bit MONO samples
  • Over 2300 samples
  • Library size 2.73Gb
  • Minimum Kontakt 5 Full Version required


  • All 4 microphone combinations
  • Recorded through a tube amplifier
  • More the 5Gb of pristine 24 bit stereo samples
  • Over 4800 Samples
  • 16 velocity levels, matching release samples and 3 round robin hammerback noise
  • Minimum Kontakt 5 Full Version required


  • 16 velocity levels
  • 16 velocity levels release samples
  • Recorded using tube amp (as it should!)
  • Set up for classic 60-70 era sound
  • Minimum Kontakt 5 Full Version required


  • 8 individual stops
  • Separate volume controls for each stop
  • More the 400Mb of pristine 24 bit stereo samples
  • Doubler for the bass and treble ranks
  • Key and bellow noice for ultra realistic playing
  • EQ, Reverb and Tremulant controls
  • Minimum Kontakt 5 Full Version required


  • All nine drawbars, fully contolable
  • Recorded through a tube amplifier
  • Leslie speaker emulation
  • Individually contollable percussion
  • Minimum Kontakt 5 Full Version required



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12 hours ago, Vernon Barnes said:

Worth it for Tonewheel alone, you won't find a filthier Hammond anywhere, perfect for heavy rock and prog.

I agree, the sound of the L-100 is just so full of character.
I did have an issue when trying to use my D9- X drawbar controller as they were flipped. I am wondering if I can convince Per to flip them again ;^) 

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9 hours ago, Fleer said:

Rather interesting Singularis, especially when you need a mono piano in the mix. 

At first I thought, what a mono piano but then as you could hear in the video, it was an interesting surprise to hear the depth that was there.
It also really came alive when it was passed through the "Room" which allowed it to have somewhat of a stereo field.

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