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Glitches and crackles in exported audio file


Hello guys!

I have very annoying issue with when I export audio file I always have in exported WAV file some weird glitches and crackles and always in some random timing. This is happening in all my projects and especially in heavy projects with more then 30-40 tracks.  and its a pain to export from project normal file without artefacts and glitches - sometimes I need to export 20 times same file to have that only 1x which is normal. I tried to use very large buffer sizes from 512 to even 2048 samples, I even tried to edit in Cakewalk config file Bounce Buffer Size MSec - and always I have those gliches ang crackles. Those glitches are similar to when ASIO buffer size is too low and in real time you have those crackles. But how and why those glitches are in off-line bounce (Export-Audio)? I tried to delete some plugins in projects but this thing just is so annoying. Any suggestions?

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