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So I have a REALLY annoying problem....

Sean Salvo

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So I've been trying to record an entire album for a whole month now and every now and then I have to uninstall and then reinstall Bandlab because of one problem... Whenever I record using the MME-32 setting I always get this horrible buzzing-like sound on my monitors every random interval (depends on the number of buffers that I put in) the problem is that I can't raise the buffers anymore than 5 because I won't be able to catch up due to latency and I also can't lower it because the "buzzing" will come back in even faster bursts...

Then I tried ASIO which is also another problem...Because when I switch to ASIO I get smth else... That is after a certain amount of time (no matter how big or small the buffers I put on.) there's gonna be another "buzzing" sound BUT NOT JUST ANY buzzing sound but it gets worse and worse and worse every second. To the point that the sound you are trying to monitor is literally like an alien from outerspace.

The annoying buzzing sound can only be removed if I reset the audio engine. But the problem is I can't because these all happen so much more commonly when I am recording. So I can't play at all let alone record anything because the only way to rid of it is by resetting the audio engine. So I can't use Cakewalk at all. Not to mention it keeps stopping the audio engine even if I have the buffers all the way up and at the middle with audio engine dropout (1).

I'm in need of serious help guys. Do y'all know how to rid of this horrible buzzing sound?


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