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Marc Keefer

Audio dropout every 4 bars


Long-time CW user.  New issue for me. 

I came back to an unfinished project and audio playback (everything in the mix) started dropping out for about a second  every 4 bars/measures through the entire song.   Playback does not stop.    If I export audio, the dropouts are present.

These are not random dropouts once they start, so I'm reluctant to consider this a buffer size issue.   I have the issue with buffer sizes of 512 and 1024.

This issue happens with auto backup software and PC security software turned off.

If I open other projects, the issue is present there too...so not specific to this project.

The issue is not related to specific places on the timeline.  If I start playback from different points in the mix, the project will play, but whenever the first dropout happens, subsequent dropouts are exactly 4 bars (to the beat) later.   

Volume automation lanes are not the issue.    

I don't believe it's the sound card (Scarlett 6i6) since other audio sources on my DAW play just fine.

Thoughts anyone.  Thanks in advance...



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Thanks Hatstand! 

That was it, although I don't know why a plugin I paid for and have been using for quite some time would act like a trial plugin and require re-authorization.  But that did the trick.  Thanks again!

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