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Sleep Next To Me - Sonata no.8 - 3d animation


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Well isn't the new forum a bit flash? :).

So I've been busy as always - experimenting with 3d animated sonatas and symphonies...although I had to replace my laptop after my friend smashed my other one. It's alright she paid for the new one...mostly, I upgraded to an Acer Predator Helios 500. A desktop in a laptop form, and a beast...audio production doesn't even make the machine sweat lol. My 3d animations can be created much quicker too :).

The linked piece is an amalgam of classical sonata form...albeit in a modern guise and 3d animation or gesamtkunstwerk lol! And features my friend Alice on vox...although I had to use a dodgy phone recording she sent me one night...think Free as a Bird by The Beatles. Alice also wrote the main motif. I put everything together and wrote everything else. The theme of the piece is 'till death do us part' and through 'thick and thin'. Think an amalgam of Days of Our Lives - Marlana gets possessed :), Knight Rider and The Exorcist. It's R Rated and contains horror :). Oh, I'm even experimenting with facial motion capture...but I've got to do more work with this tech! 

And for those who have come from the old forum, the music may be familiar...because I put the music up on the old forum a couple of years ago, but my music is meant to be viewed and experienced...now that I am a reasonably good animator and sfxs artist - you can finally view my music lol!  


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