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Extremely laggy on good computer



For some reason, cakewalk is extremely laggy and I can't even click on anything. When I am able to click on things, it is delayed by about 12 seconds.

It also doesn't let me click on the tab sometimes.

The strange thing, I'm on a  good computer (Asus TUF FX705DY).


What is this, and has anyone else experienced this problem?

cakewalk go brrrrrr.png

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Without knowing any more specifics you could try a few things to see if it helps. This is probably not a Cakewalk specific thing but a computer specific thing.

- Reboot and restart Cakewalk

- Try changing Audio Driver types, Are you using ASIO, WASAPI or other driver type?

- Check in Task Manager and see if other programs are running and taking up CPU or Disk Cycles.

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