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Hatstand's flattener preset.

This is a pro channel eq preset which you can use to check if your mix has any issues. It won't sound nice, I guarantee, but it will tell you whether your mix is close to having no eq problems. Stick this (temporarily) on your master bus or on an aux send going nowhere and whack a spectrum analyser on it. Your mix over the entire track should look something like this; i.e. close to flat across the spectrum. (let the whole mix play not just 30 seconds of it)


This preset is based on several reference tracks both individually and together. It should highlight frequency issues pretty quickly. Whilst completely flat is an impossible dream, anything close to this using the preset should have it sounding darn good once you disable it.

Extremely useful if you have deficiencies across the spectrum with your hearing but it is (as always) no substitute for feel, just a guide to where there might be over emphasis.

Yes it will look weird ( you will no doubt be thinking wtf is this about) but it is the best I can do with four bands, but hopefully it will be a good sense check for you. As an added bonus, it will give you an idea what the different pro channel eq profiles do. This is based on the G type profile but switch to the other types such as S type,  Pure and Hybrid to see the difference. (HINT: it wont be flat)

Watch closely and you should hopefully see fundamentals , resonances, and harmonics. I used Izotope Insight but other analysers are available...

save in Cakewalk Core>Cakewalk Content>Pro Channel presets (probably on your C drive)


edit: for those of you that asked, without the preset enabled  your mix should aim to look something like this, but it is much more difficult to spot anomalies as it is not a flat response curve.



Any questions\comments let me know


As Paul Young once sang "Wherever I lay my Hat, that's my Hatstand"

Hatstands Flattener.pcp

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