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Project Templates - TH3, ProChannel Console (S N A Type), Mix & Master

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For those of us who were "rolled over" from the previous life of Cakewalk by BandLab known as "SONAR", acquired significantly more templates that were pre configured and delegated among each tier package  (Artist, Professional, Platinum).  This also included a few more ProChannel FX Chain Inserts that utilized the bundled in 3rd party plugin suites.  I have always had a folder of my Pro & Platinum Temps in a cloud for mobility and to easily share with friends that are learning how to use Cakewalk.  

The templates that I will share here utilize the DXi, VST, VSTi programs that come already fitted out within Cakewalk by BandLab.  I will post any advanced templates using 3rd party plug ins in a separate topic in the forum.

Showcase Templates (TH3, Virtual Instruments, Surround 5.1)

Mix and Mastering Templates

Console Emulation (S- Type, N- Type, A- Type)   

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7 hours ago, RBH said:

Thanks for posting these. I'd like to try a few out.

The Console temps are great as a quick and easy setup with all of the tracks and buss having ProChannel enabled with its corresponding emulation settings ready to go.  The reference manual says that this setup is as close as one can get to recreating the sonic qualities of the 3 consoles, from recording to mixing.  

I also highly recommend studying the “Mixing Templates” for Rock and Pop because they really do some advanced routing of audio and sends.  There are several hidden buss and patch points that you need to unhide to trace them.  The plugins are sonnitus and all the settings can be saved as presets, and I also recommend saving each tracks FX bin into FX Chain Presets.  Its like gaining a whole new collection of built in tools designed exclusively for each instrument type.  

....I like to call this “living off the land”, something you learn to do when income is scarce and so you stock up on all the ketchup packets from all the fast food joints lol 😂  

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