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Song not stoping at end

steve dykins

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Hi, I would suggest trying the "Stop at Project end" option as well, although that had no effect on the project I was having the same type of problem with referenced in this discussion just a few weeks ago: 

You can read all the posts there.  It only happens on one particular project for me and I've yet to resolve the issue.

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12 hours ago, Lombardi said:

It only happens on one particular project for me and I've yet to resolve the issue.

I've had one or two over the years that would probably still be playing now if I hadn't stopped them. Never solved those either. It was a recurring theme on the previous forum for years.

11 hours ago, John Vere said:

Funny it never bothers me as I just ignore it and hit W

The reason why it was a PITA for me was because it thought the project went on forever, it messed up the scaling in TV so using the navigation slider at the bottom of TV to move back and forth along the time line was all but impossible.

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This still happens to me sometimes on a few projects. Others play and stop normally.
In one project, I discovered a drum hit with a duration in the billions. In other songs, there is no visible data beyond the apparent end, even in Event List.
I just hit the space bar and don't worry about it.

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I went for lunch once and forgot to stop playback. When I returned there was a 1 hour long empty space still happily playing along the timeline. As I say, I just hit spacebar and if it's set to return to where I started ( Crtl W toggles this) that's goodby to the 1 hour of nothing. If it's set to stop in place, I just hit W and return to the beginning. There's no data created past the end of the the audio or midi if all you did was play the song. 

But if you do this while recording even silence is data and the song will have this included in the export. 

Yes it would be nice to have a end of song marker that works but as I say myself I would never use it because it's not an issue for me. On rare occasion I have an export with a long tail and I can easily find out why. It's going to be some data that got shuffled out of sight due to editing copy paste etc. 

It's a good thing people don't use reel to reels for recording anymore...

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