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Sound design confession

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I posted another topic about a favorite new sound design toy, Freakshow Industries' Dumpster Fire.

They would no doubt be delighted to know that it has already inspired me to commit horrible acts. Only 3 days into the trial period.

The one I wish to confess is that I put it on lovely, mellow, sweet Quiet Music Serenity (which I like enough to pay for the SE version that just came out).

Yes, I took an instrument (accurately) described as "built on 10 different layers of sound to create a perfect relaxing environment, 4 layers of pad sounds and textures created with the Deepmind analog synthesizer, and 6 layers of high-quality sound from various field recordings we made" and used an effect (accurately) described as "THE SHIFTING NIGHTMARE" on it.

Although I feel as if I have committed a grave sin, it actually sounds amazing. Dark drone for days.

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On 3/10/2021 at 10:44 PM, Hatstand said:

I am tempted to give Dumpster Fire a go and mangle those crickets :D

Even if you're not as into dark drone sounds as I, there is a joy to be had in uniting the flagship products from the plug-in company with the mellowest marketing pitch in the industry and the company with the most disturbing one. I don't know what it says about me that Serenity was one of the first instruments I tried Dumpster Fire on. Or even that I have both of them to try this with.

The crickets and the birds were helpful. I did turn them on for the initial experiment. If I could still make them out, it let me know that I hadn't taken it completely off the rails with Dumpster Fire. I also found out some more things about Dumpster Fire: it may have some sort of threshold detection or something, I had things kind of manageable with the animals chirping away, but when I hit the rainstorm button, they got lost in this huge wall of sound.

As I pointed out in my initial review of Serenity (in the Freeware Instruments thread), it's possible to do a sonic presentation of the biblical Great Deluge using its sound FX from left to right.

Those humongous thick pads in Serenity actually work pretty well as fodder for filter-y and glitchy FX that impart their own rhythms. It's like rolling out a big blob of delicious cookie dough and then using cookie cutters on it. Rhythmic subtractive synthesis.

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11 hours ago, Michael A.D. said:

When they have a sale for around $10 I intend to grab it.

If you go there and click on the "Steal" button, you can "underpay" and get a license for a variety of prices from $15 down to $5, also, reportedly, other prices depending on how you answer their question as to why you want to Steal it. Caveat: they say that the "steal" licenses are not eligible for support or future updates. I also don't see a way to upgrade a "stolen" license to the full one.

I read that they had a half price sale last Friday 13, but there's no Friday 13 this year. I thought about waiting for a sale, but they'd probably rather have your $10 now than have you waiting for it to drop to that price.

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