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Steve Harder

VSL Synchron Brass, VSL BigBangOrch and VSL Synchron Strings Pro articulation maps - update.

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I'm going to use this posting as the most up to date source for my articulation maps.

If you are creating your own maps it's worth reading some of my other threads in this content section for detailed info.

My normal workflow is to use Synchron player interface to audition articulations and then assign appropriate artic from map.  My strategy for artic map layout is to mimic the layout of the Synchron player menu as this makes finding correct artic easy while looking at Synchron player.

VSL Synchron Brass zip

VSL BigBangOrch zip which includes Andromeda w Cor Sordino, Black Eye w Con Sordino, Capricorn, Eridonus, Free Basics, Hercules, Jupiter, Kopernikus, Lyra, Musca, Orion, Phoenix, Solarus, Tana thru Zenia.

VSL SynchronStringsPro zip 

VSL BigBangOrch by Harder.zip VSL Synchron Strings Pro by Harder.zipVSL Synchron Brass by Harder.zip

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