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Audio export acting strange, producing silence



I've been doing this exact thing for years. I have a piece consisting of three Midi tracks. Each track is reduced to one clip. 


1. Select the three tracks, making sure the clips contained in them are selected

2. Export Audio

3. Select the preset I've used for all audio exports for years

4. Give it a file name and hit OK


Audio exported. Fast bounce is unchecked.  If Audible Bounce is checked, I hear music. 


Clips disappear entirely from track view (!), and while the progress bar at the top inches along like normal, the shuttle does not move. The resulting audio file is silent.

When the "export" is complete, which takes the normal, expected amount of time, the clips reappear as before.

What's going on?


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On 3/11/2021 at 12:15 AM, Hatstand said:

what happens if you use edit>select>none and then export?

You just helped create a masterpiece 😆

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