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Recording PC Audio


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i recently switched to Cakewalk for recording my Podcast.

Now i want to have a guest in my podcast who wont be at my recording setup at home. (He will be connected via Teamspeak or something)

Recording my multiple XLR-Mics is no problem, but i dont get how to record an audiosource thats not "plugged in".

I tried it with adding a track and choosing the realtek onboard soundcard and the other possibilities under MME-Devices. (For info:I got an external device for my Headphones/Speakers to get plugged into named "FiiO USB DAC-E10")

I tried different drivermodes and selected the same sampling rate as my soundcard has.

Since now i didnt got it working and also didnt found anything helping in the internet or forum to get it working.

I hope you can help me.


Thanks in advance and have a good day.



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OBS is set up to podcast and recording and it’s easy to add audio tracks with different inputs. You have one set to speakers( desktop)  and one set to mike  and it will record the sound. Use a small mixer to the mike jack.

If you want to use Cakewalk then you will need an interface with loop back like my Motu m4  it think you would need to be in WASAPI shared mode. 
Not sure what happens if you patch the computer speakers back to the input of you interface 

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thank you for your quick responses.

I should have given more technical Infos on my current setup. (Sorry)

I got the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD where Mic1 is connected to the dbx 286s and the Behringer HA400 connected to the U-Phoria for Monitoring purposes.

Mic2 is only conncected to  the U-Phoria since i got no second Mic Preamp or sth. similar.

This kind of situation is new. Normally we met with the other people and i recorded all over my PC or we had all in Teamspeak or sth. like that and i recorded it and my other Podcastmember recorded it as well for saftynes if there would be problems with my recordings.

Now i got into the situation where i got a second person in my house who will be now in the Podcast as well and also got somebody from "outside". So i need to record the second Mic and the one from "outside" at the same time, which is not that easy over these programms.

Since we want to have more guests in our Podcast, we want to include this more often. So i thought about a better programm to record as well as that it makes the actual recording situation possible.

Perhaps it is easier with OBS to do it. Since i liked cakewalk with its interface and setting possibilities it would have been awesome.

I tried the virtual audio cable but i didnt worked. Dont know if i made sth. wrong or if it doesnt work in cakewalk.



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